Project description

The “National Pride” project represents a comprehensive approach to branding an Australian website that stands out for its unique offerings – selling T-shirts and other types of clothing with motifs from various countries. The goal of this project was to create a brand that reflects acceptance and celebration of diversity among people, especially in the context of Australia’s rich ethnic community.

The central concept of this project was to create a brand that promotes the idea of accepting and celebrating cultural diversity. This is reflected not only in the product offerings with motifs from different countries but also in the brand design. The typography has been carefully chosen to reflect the diversity of the world, while the sphere in different colors symbolizes the planet Earth and the diversity of people inhabiting it.

Special emphasis has been placed on the brand logo design, which symbolizes the acceptance of people from different nationalities and encourages nurturing of tradition and connection with one’s own people and customs. Hence, the name of the brand itself – “National Pride”.

Through this project, “National Pride” becomes a symbol of openness, acceptance, and celebration of diversity, providing users with the opportunity to express their identity in a unique and inspiring way. This brand inspires people to take pride in their heritage while simultaneously encouraging the exchange and respect towards other cultures, thus creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and unity.

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